Getting StARTed…

Hello there fellow bloggers!

Coming to you live from the lovely Leicester – like I said in my bio, I am a budding photographer hoping to capture the world around me.

Starting out in Cape Town, I began taking photos of my friends who were all into theatre (much like myself) and jumped at the opportunity for some new head shots so of course, I obliged. At first I was tentative and unsure of what I was doing but then, with practice (and believe me, I’m still learning) I became more and more comfortable behind the camera.

What really helped me was the support I had from my first few models – they were all so encouraging! It’s amazing how much photographers can actually get from their model when they have a mutual respect and an element of fun between them. When we chat and laugh and have a good time together, the photos come out so much more eased and relaxed and almost “lighter”.

So, as I begin this journey as a photographer (and I hope you will take it with me), I ask for kindness, support and any advice you as a fellow photographer or simply as a fellow human being can give. Seriously, anything is welcome.

I will be posting up my pictures from different shoots I have done and will do, along with other shots I take along the way. I hope you enjoy them, share them, and call on me if you would like some of your own!


Chat soon blogosphere!