A Date with Dirk

Lol, I wish. But this “meet cute” was strictly professional, with Dirk and I meeting up at his place to take some photos in the early morning sun.

Dirk is also a photographer who has an incredible talent for head shots and is slowly expanding to become one seriously bad ass dude behind the lens.

I was probably the most nervous meeting up with him on a slightly overcast week day – photographing a fellow photographer will ruffle even the most experienced photographers feathers. But Dirk was gracious, as usual, and incredibly understanding whilst I stood and shot about 50 pictures of the wall to simply figure out the light.

It was my first time shooting in a morning light and I was surprised by how different the effects came out. I struggled to say the least. A lot of over exposed mess and then it was suddenly far too dark and I was trying to salvage some beautiful shots in post production. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! I felt like a total noob who might as well be using a disposable! Ok, maybe not that bad…

I’ve posted up some of his pics, the ones I can kinda be proud of but overall I decided I am either a vampire and seriously prefer a decent sunset or I need WAY more practice with morning light. Only problem is that means I have to get out of bed before 9am. Meh…

But a massive thanks to Dirk for his effortless suave and making my shoddy pictures still look good. You shmodel you – you’re just far too good looking! *swoon*


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