New Places, New Faces.

Wesley was my first photo shoot since moving to the UK. We already knew each other from theatre school in Cape Town and went even further back knowing each other in high school. Wesley was a drama major with a seriously strong singing voice and had moved to the UK roughly 8months before me to pursue his dream of performing. He needed some new headshots and when he heard I was in the area, we agreed to meet up in a park closest to his place and take some nice pics.

I was worried about the light. For me, the best light that I was accustomed to was the afternoon light in SA – at around 4:30/5pm. At 5pm in England, it’s dark. Like, seriously dark. Night time.

We met up at about 3pm though and the light was holding out nicely. I arrived early so that I could scout some nice locations and test my settings against the light – I think as a photographer, especially one just starting out, it’s important to know what kinda settings you need and to have them set before the model arrives. This way, you are not making them wait around while you fiddle with ISOs and Shutter Speeds. More so in our case, as we were chasing the sun.

In the end I was quite happy with the end result; Wes was happy with his head shots and was able to use them for a show that he was in a few weeks later. What I really like about being a photographer is when the model likes the photo and uses it for jobs, representations and things like that. It shows that they are proud of the pictures, which makes me proud of them too.

Wes was a lot of fun to shoot with – he’s not naturally a model and frequently asked me for advice on poses and such. This was great for me because it allowed me to give some direction and practice my control over the shoot itself. Overall, we had fun together and were both pleased with the days progress.

Not to self though: don’t wear your favourite jeans or sneakers if you are going to be knee deep in a pile of soggy leaves in a park trying to get “that” photo. I have certainly learnt my lesson in this regard. So have my jeans. (May they RIP)





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