A different type of photoshoot..

Moving to the UK, and not knowing anyone in our new home, I had lost my database of willing models. No more dancing/singing actors that were exceptionally eager to pose for a couple of pics. No, I had to improvise.

So I did. I found Jags. Jags is my uncle and aunts 9 year old Golden retriever. A little bit on the heavy side but a sweetheart and absolute BABY! What a diva!

We went for our normal early morning walk together and the sunrise was just right to create some lovely character pics of Jags in action. The light in the UK is so different to that in South Africa and  I am learning to adapt and change my settings accordingly. But Jags was a ball of fun and did his own thing while I just snapped away.

I obviously couldn’t get him to sign any disclosure forms and if there are any casting agencies wanting to offer him some modelling work then you can contact him through me. Diva’s of his standard never speak directly to the press.

Thanks Jags for your epic shmodelling skills.