Grasping the whole photography thing is challenging but the most important thing to do is practice, practice and practice. Which is exactly what I did.

The second shoot I did was at the home of a girl I met earlier in the year, Roxy. She’s a very sexy and confident woman so I wanted to capture that by doing a boudoir shoot in her flat. I was still trying to figure out the light and a lot of the photos came through over exposed, but I managed to find a handful that I could use and edit for Roxy to keep.

In a case such as this, I assume it is better to have a speed light of sorts as the light in her bedroom was not great. I’m still figuring out all the tricks of the trade but what I learnt about this experience was that sometimes, on a job, when you don’t know your model that well, it can be quite awkward in terms of small talk and guiding them through the shoot – it becomes almost instinctual that you want to hurry up and finish quickly because you feel like you are taking up their time. I realized that it is so important to take your time and to take as many pictures as you can within your time frame… Otherwise you will regret it when you are sitting at your computer later and wishing that you had more options to choose from.

It almost helps to set yourself a number limit and force yourself to take a much larger number of pictures so that you are spoiled for choice later.

Still, Roxy was fab and so relaxed in front of the camera that it made my first boudoir shoot way more chilled then it could have been. Let me know what you think or if you have any tips regarding the light and the shoot –



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