A Sunday in the Park…

With this beauty! It certainly helps going to a theatre school because when you decide to do a dance photo shoot and need a model – you can literally take your pick! And damn did I hit the Jackpot! Monique is a ‘dance-majoring’ beauty from Cape Town and was quick to jump (excuse the pun) at the opportunity to do a action shoot with me.

We met up at her house and then found a lovely green park/field vibe that was around the corner and was perfect for what we wanted. It was the most beautiful day with the sunset coming through the trees in the perfect way.

As you can see, I don’t have much to say about this shoot; purely because I was so happy with it and had such a nice chilled time that there wasn’t anything to complain about.

Monique was lovely and didn’t need much guidance about what jumps to do because she already had a plethora (word drop!) of dance moves and jumps that she knew would look awesome! A total pleasure working with this chick, something I would happily do again!

A Date with Dirk

Lol, I wish. But this “meet cute” was strictly professional, with Dirk and I meeting up at his place to take some photos in the early morning sun.

Dirk is also a photographer who has an incredible talent for head shots and is slowly expanding to become one seriously bad ass dude behind the lens.

I was probably the most nervous meeting up with him on a slightly overcast week day – photographing a fellow photographer will ruffle even the most experienced photographers feathers. But Dirk was gracious, as usual, and incredibly understanding whilst I stood and shot about 50 pictures of the wall to simply figure out the light.

It was my first time shooting in a morning light and I was surprised by how different the effects came out. I struggled to say the least. A lot of over exposed mess and then it was suddenly far too dark and I was trying to salvage some beautiful shots in post production. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong! I felt like a total noob who might as well be using a disposable! Ok, maybe not that bad…

I’ve posted up some of his pics, the ones I can kinda be proud of but overall I decided I am either a vampire and seriously prefer a decent sunset or I need WAY more practice with morning light. Only problem is that means I have to get out of bed before 9am. Meh…

But a massive thanks to Dirk for his effortless suave and making my shoddy pictures still look good. You shmodel you – you’re just far too good looking! *swoon*


Later bloggers






Beauty with a Brain..

My next photo shoot was with the very lovely Tali. Tali is a neuropsychologist by trade with a massive love for dance. We met in an elevator one day when she asked me if the only unidentified button on the button pad was “where the fairies came out of”. I knew then and there that we would become friends and I was right. Turns out she was also my neighbour and had an affinity for stress baking so whenever there was a big exam looming, I could always expect a couple of baked goodies sticky taped to my front door. Needless to say, Best Neighbour EVER!

Tali is a really talented dancer and when we scheduled a photoshoot I explained to her that it would be so lovely to have some action pics done as well. We didn’t venture far from our apartment building, but managed to take the majority of our shots in the building car park or just outside.

Apart from a couple of douche bags who thought it would be fun to shout obscenities to us as they walked past, it was a lovely fun experience where we could experiment with different angles and jumps to see what looked most effective.

Overall, we had a a wonderful time together and I learnt some valuable lessons about how to capture jumps better through my camera settings. In retrospect, a flash or more dramatic lighting would have really taken this shoot to the next level but that is why we do these shoots, so that we can learn and grow.

Here’s a couple of pictures from the shoot we did. Let me know what you think!


Five and Thriving

This is Nathan.

We met up at our college (Waterfront Theatre School) and decided to go for a drive. We drove all the way up a winding road to Signal Hill – and stopped halfway.

Nathan is interested in photography, similar to me, but in a very different capacity. What I love the most of photography, and of photographers alike, we all do the same thing but the way we do it is so different.

What I love is that Nathan and I could take a photo of the exact same subject but the outcome (after editing and such) can be totally disparate.

We walked out into the trees and forest area along the side of the hill and took some snaps amongst them. Nathan is a very artistic character and he loves to delve a little deeper when interacting with people, he’s an old soul with a very big heart. I wanted to portray this through his shoot – finding something more than just a good looking man but seeing more into his soul and the sensitivity he shows to the world.

Our shoot became very “moody James Dean” but I was quite happy with the end result and so was he, which is always the most important thing to a photographer.

These are just a few that I took of Nathan… I mean James… I mean Nathan.



My very first shoot…

My first shoot I did was with one of my best friends, Emile.

Emile is no stranger to a camera and I’m so glad because he was able to help me and guide me when I should have been guiding him! To be honest, it was a saving grace to have him as my first subject. I was nervous and unsure about what exactly to do and how to compose the right kind of picture but Emile was great, he basically did all the work and I just pushed the button! 🙂

What I love about photography is when I get to edit and bring out the specific colours in the photos; the red of a sweater, the green of the grass and even the brown tree behind the subject. Photography allows you to find tiny details within a photo that wouldn’t be the focus if you just looked at it normally.

We walked around his area in Cape Town, found a colourful playground and some great angles along the road. Take a peak and tell me what you think, I’d like this blog to be as interactive as possible!

Peace out lovers!